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I have known for a long time that Ben and Ashley would be our wedding photographers. Even before meeting with them, I could tell they had something special and unique about them. Our engagement shoot was beyond everything I could have imagined. Ben and Ash have a way of capturing true emotions in every single picture. Shawn and I never felt posed or awkward with “fake” emotions. Ben and Ash made everything so natural where Shawn and I felt the most comfortable with each other. From there, they did their magic and began eliciting genuine emotions. We played so many games that made us laugh then Shawn and I shared words that made us appreciate all the little things about each other. Ben and Ash allowed moments of reflection on what made us unique as a couple and how we have grown together. The evening was genuinely an amazing experience that made us beyond excited for our wedding day. When the day finally arrived, Ben and Ash shared our enthusiasm and all the emotions. Their calmness and positivity allowed us to relax throughout the day. They were capturing all of the big and small details that we will hold near and dear to our hearts for many years to come. They are amazing, positive, authentic, and unique to every degree. Ben and Ash go above and beyond just photography, they create moments and memories that will last a lifetime. 

-Taylor, Bride

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